What Does a Broken Foot
Feel Like?

What Does a Broken Foot Feel Like?
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What does a broken foot feel like?  Many people are under the impression that a broken foot has a certain feel.  The
truth of the matter is that a broken foot does not always have a feel like pain at all.  In fact, the question what does a
broken foot feel like has six categories of answers.

What does a broken foot feel like?

No pain
It is true.  There are some foot fractures (broken foot) that have no pain associated with them at all.  These can be
dangerous because just because there’s no pain associated with the fracture does not mean that there is no damage
caused.  When you have a broken foot without pain it is easy to continue walking.  The continued walking can do more
damage.  Most fractures need to be confirmed by x-ray, ultrasound, or examination by a professional.

A feeling of numbness is not the same as a feeling of no pain.  Many fractures can have a feeling of numbness
associated with them.  Although there is no pain, the feeling of numbness in your foot should get your attention and
cause you to see a professional.

Parathesia is a medical term for a funny or unusual feeling.  Sometimes a broken foot can cause a feeling that is not
quite numbness and not quite pain.  Usually the feeling is unusual and difficult to describe.

Pain with pressure or movement
More often than not, there is some pain associated with a broken foot.  However, you may not feel the pain all the time.  
You may only feel the pain when there is pressure applied to a certain on the foot.  Usually, the area on your foot that
causes pain when pressure is applied is where the fracture is.  This is not always the case because the pain can be
referred.  In other words, you can have a fracture in one place on the foot, and the pain is referred to another place on
the foot.  This usually happens because of the nerves transmitting or referring the pain from the fracture site to another
part of the foot.  This can also happen with pain on movement.  With pain on movement there is virtually no pain unless
that part of the foot is moved.

The most common feeling associated with a broken foot is pain.  But, even with pain it can take several forms.  
Typically, the pain may have a burning sensation; sharp stabbing sensation; dull sensation; or throbbing sensation.
What does a broken foot feel like?

It can also depend on the location of the fracture.  
The most common places for a fracture of before it occurs the following places:

The toe
The metatarsals or front part of the foot.
The heel
The middle of the foot
The arch
The ankle

What does a broken foot feel like?

Finally, the sensation you get with a broken foot, can depend on the type of fracture you have.
The most common types of fractures are as follows:

Stress Fracture
This is sometimes called a “hair-line” fracture.  This is because; the fracture is usually very small and
very thin.  Oftentimes it is represented by a very small crack in the bone.  Usually, the fracture or break does
not go through the entire bone.

Avulsion Fracture
An avulsionfracture is one that occurs when something like a ligament or tendon that may be attached
or associated with a bone is pulled or avulsed away.  In this case, usually only a portion of the bone is cracked.

Non Displaced Fracture
A non displaced fracture is one in which the bone is broken all the way through, but, the two broken pieces of bone
remain in the same place.

Displaced Fracture
A displaced fracture is similar to a non displaced fracture except that the two pieces of bone do not remain in the same place.

Compound Fracture
A compound fracture is like a displaced fracture in that the pieces of bone do not remain in the same place.
The difference is one or both of the pieces of bone stick through the skin.

Non Healing Fracture also known as a non union
A nonhealing fracture, also known as a nonunion, is a fracture that does not properly heal.